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Nectar Collector

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  • Introducing the Honeybird Pro, the next level in Nectar Collector dab technology. The Honeybird Pro is the worlds first fully modular dab rig. Our revolutionary threaded glass to stainless steel collar allows the insides to come out giving unprecedented ability to clean, replace and upgrade the internal components of this bird. Lifetime guarantee on workmanship for all components except stinger tips. 100% Made in USA. Signed & Numbered. Patented.

    The Nectar Collector Honeybird Pro contains: 1 Nectar Collector Honeybird Pro Core 1 Nectar Collector 24-400 Infinity Tech Connector 1 Nectar Collector Infinity Tech Single Hole Diffuser 1 Nectar Collector Stinger Tip Collar 2 Nectar Collector Quartz Stinger Tips

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